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Dear Citizens,

I am committed to working for our neighborhoods’ needs with an independent voice and fresh ideas as your delegate in Annapolis.

As a former school administrator and lifelong educator, I believe that we must engage all our students in rigorous activities at schools that help them make meaningful strides to embody the shared beliefs of the schools’ vision and mission and transfer themselves to a larger learning community. I will keep no stone unturned to put necessary resources in our classroom and control tuition costs at our universities across the state. I am committed to ensuring that our public education entails discipline, rationality, and impartiality.

Additionally, we need to rebuild the infrastructure to create jobs. Without nurturing our local economy, we cannot imagine economic progress. I am committed to working for the interest of our communities on a wide array of issues including expanded services for our senior citizens, and investing on our roads for our citizens and businesses, to keep our district and state moving forward.

Thank you for visiting our website.

Harry Bhandari
Legislative District 8
Baltimore County
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