Global Educational Literary Support Association

About Us

GELCSA is in its initial phase. Our major objective is to uphold education in remote parts and economically disadvantaged areas in the world. But in the first phase, we will concentrate on helping kids from remote villages of Nepal where they do not have any access to technology and differnet means of communication. Our second objective is to unite Nepalese people all around the world through literary and cultural activities to preserve and promote our uniqe literary and cultural practices.

GELCSA Advisors and Board Members

Dr. Mary Holland
Dr. Govinda Raj Bhattrai

Legal Advisor
Mr. Binod Roka

Mr. Harry(H.B.)Bhandari 

Vice President 
Mrs. Sangita Bhandari

Mr. Hem Sharma Paudel

Mr. Arjun Hamal

Board Members

Mr.Krishna Bahadur Kshetri

Mr.Durga P. Shrestha

Mr. J.B. Salganik
Mrs. Munna Aryal Rizal

Mr. Narayan Shrestha

Mr. Tirtha Pandey

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