Citizens of Maryland’s 8th Legislative District,

I am extremely honored to run for the District 8 State Delegate position in the 2018 Primary Election on June 26th. I was just couple of hundred votes short to win the party's nomination in the 2014 gubernatorial election, and that has only strengthened my love for this country and the democratic process. I am committed to our vision that every dollar, every word, every effort, and every heartbeat spent by our citizens must be spent in empowering our generation and next generation to keep the American dream alive. I believe that such unity and integrity of purposes are fundamentally necessary in our politics if Annapolis is to meet the high expectations of our citizens going forward into the future.

I will keep on fighting for 

Better and Safer Schools
As a teacher, I support investments in early childhood education, smaller class sizes and lowering college tuition because kids who get an early start on learning do better throughout their school years.

Stronger Senior Services
Seniors worked their entire lives to earn their benefits. I will make sure the state lives up to its commitment to seniors and keeps our promises. We will continue to protect Medicare and Medicaid for seniors and other working families.

Creating Good Jobs
As your Delegate, I will work to rebuild our infrastructure to create good jobs in our community. I know that to build a better future we need to invest today. That means stopping over-development by big companies and investing in the citizens and the local small businesses. 

Maryland has offered me tremendous opportunity and I want to repay that debt.  By serving the people in my community in the
Maryland Assembly, I want to make sure that we can offer that opportunity to everyone. I believe that because of my professional experience in community services and advocacy, I have the right skills to help lead the changes needed to make our district a great place to live for our people. Nothing will be more a priority to me than offering excellent services to my constituents. I am committed to work hard with fresh ideas and an independent voice to earn your support.




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  • Christa Jocelyn
    commented 2014-07-11 01:07:03 -0400
    Seniors worked their entire lives to earn their benefits. I will make sure the state lives up to its commitment to seniors and keeps our promises.
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